FRWD Sport Performance Recorder Logs

FRWD Sport Performance Recorder on maailman edistyksellisin urheilusuorituksen tallennin ja analysointiväline, jossa on ensimmäistä kertaa yhdistetty GPS, korkeusmittari ja sykemittari.

Yhteistyön myötä Jussi Väisäsellä on koko matkan ajan mukana tallennin, johon hän tallentaa ajosessioita ja matkapäiviä. Tältä sivulta löydät aina uusimmat tallennetut logit.
FRWD Sport Performance Recorder is the most advanced sports performance recorder and analysis tool which combines for the first time GPS, altimeter and heart rate monitor.

Through the co-operation with FRWD, Jussi will use daily FRWD O400 sport performance recorder to document ride days, durations and routes. You will always find the latest logs from here.

January 30th 2005
Motocross with Honda XR650R
January 30th 2005
Motocross with Honda XR650R
February 4th 2005 Traveling with BMW GS , heart rate monitor having it's own fun..
February 20th 2005 Test ride with Dumbo. O400 re-positioned and now working perfectly!
February 26th 2005 Having fun with VFR in Mt. Palomar. Awesome route!
February 27th 2005 Mt. Palomar. Just 3/4 of the south grade.
March 1st 2005 En route from San Diego to Gile Bend, Az
March 3rd 2005 En route from Ruidoso, NM to Dallas, Tx (910Km). Unit was placed in my trunk so the heart rates are no matter what. Too far from the HR band.
April 7th 2005 Travel day / 7th April 2005
April 8th 2005 Travel day / 8th April 2005
April 9th 2005 Travel day / 9th April 2005
April 10th 2005 Travel day / 10th April 2005
April 11th 2005 Travel day / 11th April 2005
April 12th 2005 Travel day / 12th April 2005
April 15th 2005 Travel day / 15th April 2005
April 17th 2005 Travel day / 17th April 2005
April 24th 2005 Special - Tail of the Dragon 1
April 24th 2005 Special - Tail of the Dragon 2
April 24th 2005 Special - Tail of the Dragon 3
April 24th 2005 Special - Tail of the Dragon 4

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